Sep. 07, 2023

In recent months, while still in the early days and during the so-called "Honeymoon" period of his administration, Gov. Josh Shapiro has made some very surprising decisions. Very surprising, indeed!

For a governor who tried to appear moderate, caring and reasonable during his campaign, and one who likes to say he is governing with concern for all Pennsylvanians, his actions and decisions are definitely beyond puzzling. Something just doesn't add up!

The two decisions I am referring to are (1) cutting off funding for Real Alternatives, a program that offers help and support to mothers and their children born into less-than-optimal circumstances, and (2) Vetoing funding for the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS) scholarship program (sometimes called Lifeline Scholarships), a program that would allow children to escape from failing schools.

Both of these programs offered hope and help to children who are perched on the lowest rung of the socioeconomic ladder! So why would the governor turn his back on the most vulnerable children living amongst us in the Commonwealth? 

It should come as no shock that the governor is very beholden to Planned Parenthood and the powerful teachers’ unions who helped to get him elected. They most certainly have the governor's ear and are instrumental in controlling and guiding his decisions.  It is no secret that Planned Parenthood strongly objected to Real Alternatives, and the teacher’s union stands staunchly against PASS.

That is just politics as the saying goes! But the poorest of the poor children in Pennsylvania will end up paying the price.

Representative Milou Mackenzie
131st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717.772.9846 /