Mackenzie Issues Statement on Latest Developments in Northampton County Election Discussions
NORTHAMPTON COUNTY -- Rep. Milou Mackenzie (R-Lehigh/Montgomery/Northampton) issued the following statement in response to voting machine irregularities in Northampton County on Election Day, Nov. 7, 2023. 

Mackenzie’s statement reads:

“The sad saga of the Nov. 7 Election Day debacle and its aftermath continues to roll on in Northampton County. Unfolding events and resulting press reports strongly indicate that County Executive Lamont McClure has yet to grasp the overall seriousness of the situation. 

When I initially spoke out about the outrageous flaws and failures that voters encountered at the polls and called for his resignation, Mr. McClure gave a dismissive, misogynistic response, asking “Milou who?” and only categorized the voting machine problem as a “glitch.” 

When over 100 people attended the pre-certification election board meeting, McClure was not in attendance to hear the testimonies and concerns of the voters. He wanted to cover his ears and walk away from those who had elected him and entrusted him with the sacred task of running a fair, free, and smooth election. 

Finally, in a recent press report, we see that McClure has awakened to the fact that the election problem was not a “glitch” but was a true election “failure.” He himself has now used that word to describe what took place on Nov. 7. 

So now, the question is, how can an election that is a bonafide failure become certified and given a confident stamp of approval? I contend that it cannot! Both McClure and the election board need to be questioned. An investigation must ensue. 

Mr. McClure is still failing to step up to the plate and accept responsibility for this injustice to the voters of Northampton County. The cowardly action of throwing a longtime friend and director of administration under the bus appeased no one and does not get to the root of the problem. Mr. Dertinger’s resignation is a distraction and a sham. 

Mr. McClure’s stubborn insistence that the county continues to use the ES&S machines is very telling and extremely suspicious. He acknowledges that the problems began with the machines and their programming. So maybe that is where he should start looking for a solution. 

The team at ES&S and the machines have failed us twice since 2019. I understand leaders from both the Republican and Democratic county parties, some members of Northampton County Council, and countless Northampton County voters have expressed a lack of faith in these machines. We cannot be forced to use these machines again going forward! 

In a recent article, Mr. McClure stated that a report on this debacle would most likely not be available before the end of the year and may not even be available to the public. No report, no matter if it was even made public, would give me confidence in another election under Mr. McClure’s administration. He should not have control over the election process ever again. 

The rights of the citizens of Northampton County cannot be disrespected and ignored. I ask again for his resignation.”

Rep. Milou Mackenzie
131st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Will Jones
Ph: 717.260.6615 |