Jan. 15, 2021

We have officially left 2020 behind us and now have entered a new beginning not only for our Commonwealth but for our nation. As we begin a new legislative session, I want to assure the citizens of the 131st Legislative District that I will stand firm in bringing to the table their thoughts, concerns and challenges, and work toward legislative solutions that will bring economic stability and family-sustaining jobs to our area. 

Four of the biggest statewide issues that have caught my attention the most include the hardships our small businesses are facing; access to quality education for our students; additional support for our servicemen and women; and wasteful spending practices our government has been displaying. 

As a newly elected official, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain my stance on these issues, as I value the need for openness and transparency.

Standing with Our Small Businesses
As a small business owner, I understand the extreme hardships that our small businesses and the service industry have experienced due to this pandemic and the governor’s unilateral shutdowns. These businesses are the backbone of our Commonwealth and when they are hurting, we are hurting. I plan to work with my colleagues to craft legislation that will assist these businesses in rebuilding their livelihoods, acquiring the employees needed and continuing to serve their communities. 

Providing Quality Education
Having been a school teacher in the past, I am aware of the many difficulties that our education system and its students face, such as supply shortages, access to the internet (especially for our rural school district students), adequate school funding and the freedom for families to choose where their children can go to school. This session, I plan to fight for school choice, as every child deserves to have the best opportunity to receive a quality education; continued expansion of internet access across our state, especially since most of our schools have incorporated remote learning because of the pandemic; and ensure that when budget time comes around that our schools receive the appropriate funds they need to keep their doors open.

Supporting Our Veterans
As the wife of a Navy veteran, our servicemen and women hold a special place in my heart. They have made many personal sacrifices and defended our rights to allow us to experience the freedoms our nation has to offer. We need to support them in every way possible and address their specific concerns of mental health, homelessness and how to best prepare them to be reacclimated to civilian life. These priorities remain at the forefront of my legislative agenda. 

Reduce Wasteful Spending
With our state economy being greatly affected by the pandemic and shutdowns, it is important now more than ever that as we move toward a path of recovery, we do so in a fiscally responsible manner. We should be investing your money in reducing debt, helping our healthcare systems as they remain on the frontlines caring for COVID-19 patients, and supporting vital programs and services that will benefit you and all citizens, and setting some aside for our Rainy Day Fund to ensure that we are prepared for obstacles that may arise in our future. Pennsylvania taxpayers put their trust in us to be frugal and not waste their hard-earned money on things that aren’t needed. 

Our Commonwealth faces many challenges in the year ahead, and I am committed to working with my fellow legislators and our citizens to meet those challenges and help Pennsylvania be successful in the future.

Rep. Milou Mackenzie
131st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Abby Chiumento
RepMilouMackenziePA.com | Facebook.com/RepMilouMackenzie